Sala Beckett
Sala Beckett´s theatre new website design and development
Bless the Mess
Website design and Branding for a fashion company
Berto Romero
Promo design for the show “Berto Romero sigue con nosotros”
Entradas de Vanguardia
La Vanguardia ticketing portal design and website development
Álvaro Carmona
Web design and exhibit
Editorial design for Abama Luxury Resort
El Terrat
Website redesign and development for El Terrat productions
Branding for an eco-friendly fashion company
El Nacional
Branded Content: Customized articles design for El Nacional & Naturgy
Riosta Barcelona
Branding y web para el proyecto de visitas guiadas y preservación de patrimonio
Andreu Buenafuente
Blog design for this comedian and presenter
Festival Acrobates
Brand design and adaptations for Acrobates music and poetry festival
Editorial design for Ficci magazine
Branding and web design for a fast innovation company
Sara Baras
Promo design for Sara Baras show
Pastisseria la Colmena
Web design and customized illustrations for la Colmena bakery
Teatre Barcelona
Branding and web design for a show business company
Website for a music cooperative
Rebranding, web & app design to immortalize the first years of a baby's life
Vanessa Martin
Personal brand for Vanessa Martin
Press & Reset
E-commerce for a cold pressed juices brand
Eat 4 being
Branding for a healthy eating habits project
Sindicato ALMA
Branding and web design for the scriptwriters union
Branding and packaging design for 2five
100 famosos que no conoces
Editorial design and illustrations of the book 100 celebrities you do not know
La cometas
Illustrations of brave women
Gelato Pensato
Branding, naming, illustrations & web design for an artisanal ice cream company
Tragedia más tiempo
Illustrations for the comedy show
Festival d'Avignon
Maresme Film Comission
Web of hiring of locations for filming in the Maresme area
Hey chat
City in the sea
Editorial design
Marcel Pascual
Design of the musical project PORTANTO, Jazz album inspired by portugal. Listen to it on spotify
Branding & web design for a dental clinic specialized in invisible orthodontics
Branding for this customer loyalty platform
Design of internal projects of the company